About Us
Our Vision, Philosophy and Team

hen three men sketched out a values-based company that would help families realize the American Dream, HōmSpect was born. And today those same values — character, fairness, and dedication — remain the backbone of our existence. We make long and short-term decisions based on four vision statements.

  • We see our members constantly growing. Under the wisdom of corporate leaders, we encourage team members to develop and integrate a personal plan for success. It’s good for the individual, and good for the company.
  • We see barriers as steppingstones. HōmSpect holds an "anything is possible" view of life, and challenges team members to think differently when faced with obstacles. This creative effort will add value to the task at hand, as well as benefit the individuals and community they are investing in.
  • We see freedom through accountability. Our business model embraces testing and examination at every level. We operate with fiscal and moral integrity and work to ensure that our clients, our partners, and the ever-present man-in-the-mirror recognize as much.
  • We see a culture of camaraderie in our company. HōmSpect was born out of a healthy relationship between individuals, and we work to keep that positive spirit of cooperation alive. We embrace diversity, and will model how even vastly different people can work as one.

There is a HōmSpect difference, and we want to make our unique presence felt in residential inspection industry. After ensuring their safety and their investment, our great desire is to say the phrase each buyer longs to hear:

Welcome HŌM.

Management Team

Vincent Broome

Sr. Partner – Finance

Vince Broome’s extensive knowledge of financial security — from residential, commercial, and trade construction to Harvard-model business management — gives HōmSpect the ability to resolve the most complicated and challenging issues. In his fourth decade as a business owner, Vince has vast experience in acquisitions, accounting, finance, and taxation, and operates with honesty and integrity.

Robert Diaz

Sr. Partner – Operations

Charged with overseeing the day-to-day business of HōmSpect, Robert Diaz provides leadership, accountability, and field support to our entire team. With more than a quarter century of experience, (and a seasoned inspector himself), Robert oversees various education and training programs to guarantee our inspectors are current on all issues related to work efficiency.

Eric Mead

Sr. Partner – Business Development

As HōmSpect’s third co-founder, Eric Mead directs all aspects of company and brand advancement. Gifted in product design and valuation, Eric manages short- and long-term strategy for the company, a responsibility for which he’s well-suited. As a Construction Warranty Manager with a large independent home builder he managed numerous multimillion-dollar projects. Eric has various professional designations, including Licensed California Realtor, and his education is in marketing and Information Systems Management.